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If managers are exploring ways in which to improve motivation within their team and provide an overall boost to the wellness of their organisation, then there's nothing better suited than a Workplace Wellbeing Training Course.

Not managing wellbeing at work can lead to decreased productivity, greater stress, and a possible negative atmosphere within the team - which are all of course, not ideal for any business. 

We have a dedicated Workplace Wellbeing Training Course designed to tackle these issues and help build skills and knowledge around wellbeing at work.

Some may be sceptical of the effectiveness of Workplace Wellbeing Courses, but we fully believe in the benefits it has after analysing the relationship between wellbeing at work and the overall happiness and performance of staff. 

But how can Workplace Wellbeing Training Courses improve motivation amongst a team? Below, we’ve highlighted eight key reasons that you may have not considered before: 

> Heightens general awareness of health and wellbeing across all team members

> Builds a stronger community within the team

> Staff feel more valued and ‘cared for’ 

> Better understand techniques and strategies to help improve wellbeing at work 

> Improved physical and mental health

> Improved staff productivity, performance, trust, loyalty, engagement, and general morale

> Reduction in the number of sick days taken by team members

> Alignment of the ethics and values of the business

More about the course 

Individuals that successfully complete the course will obtain a Level 2 Certificate in Leading Health-Related Activity Sessions (Workplace) qualification, as well as a selection of lesson plans for 10-minute daily exercise sessions.

Our courses and short and simple sessions that can easily be delivered within a lunch break, activity week, away day, as part of staff training, or as group motivational sessions to kick off the day. 

Made up of three modules, this award will help individuals increase their knowledge and confidence in delivering physical activity sessions. Initially, this course will be delivered by a group workshop, which typically lasts around three hours, and then this is followed by portfolio building, task completion, and projects. Completion of the course will be by way of a supportive practical observation at your chosen setting.

If you are interested in attending our Workplace Wellbeing Training Course, you can enrol as an individual, or we can deliver to groups at your chosen venue. To view dates and book a space, or to simply find out more information please get in touch with us

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