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Holiday Camp FAQs:

Who delivers the clubs?

We have a team of over 50 experienced coaches who deliver PE, school clubs & sports coaching in schools and at sports clubs throughout the year. We are a registered training provider with 80+ apprentices and football students. Our apprentices and students assist at our holiday clubs as well as working within schools during term time to delivery sports clubs. Our team hold an enhanced DBS check and are fully trained in first aid and safeguarding. Children aged 4-16 can enjoy learning new skills, making new friends, developing techniques and playing fun games and matches, with the emphasis on FUN and enjoyment in a safe and supervised environment.

Clubs begin the day with an energetic warm up and the day often includes seasonal craft activities for chill-out time. For mixed sports camps ie Multisport we aim to cover a large selection of sports.

Sessions for 4 year olds: We welcome 4 year olds to join in the fun at our multisport, mini-football and mini-dance clubs. Owing to an OFSTED ruling and insurances, our 4 year olds are able to stay for a maximum of 4 hours, therefore our sessions for 4 year olds run from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Please note that, without exception, all 4 year olds who attend our clubs must be able to use the toilet independently and understand the importance of washign their hands.

Children who attend a 4 hour day should bring their snack and lunch with them too please.

What happens on the day?

All of our clubs begin the day in the same way... registration begins at 8:45am and closes at 9:15am.  When booking, you will be asked to verify your emergency contact number and medical details (where applicable). Please ensure that you bring any medicines/inhalers for your child on the day in a contained bag, which should be clearly labelled with your child's first name and surname. Please ensure that these are passed to the course leader for safe keeping in our First Aid bag. An activity will be set up ready for children to participate in as soon as they arrive so that they do not have to wait for registration to end before the fun starts! When registration is completed the course leader will begin an introduction to the day which will include an introduction by name to all of our coaching staff.  Children will participate in organised sessions and will also have the opportunity for free play time where they can explore the equipment on offer.  We operate a morning snack break and a lunch break too.  Children will be shown where the toilets and hand washing facilities are. An outline of the day's activities will be shared with the children and then the warm up and activities for the day will begin!

Will my children be grouped together with their siblings/friends?

Multisport - We group children into 2 age groups (depending on numbers on the day): ages 4-7 and ages 8-12.  For football and other camps we group according to age or playing ability.  We encourage children to participate within these groups as this enables the best use of the appropriate sized equipment, as well as allowing our coaching staff to work with appropriate ability levels.

What should my child bring?

  • Suitable, comfortable clothing such as a tracksuit, leggings, sports kit or PE kit. For our themed clubs, fancy dress is also an option as long as your child can move around in it easily.  Waterproofs, jacket and/or sun hat & sun cream (depending on the weather!). Children attending football camps should wear football boots and shin pads.  Chrildren attending Art Smash should wear clothes that can get messay and bring an apron/overall if they have one.
  • Trainers/plimsolls and football boots (if appropriate) - NO SANDALS/HEELS/OPEN TOED SHOES!
  • A healthy packed lunch (please avoid nuts and sesame- this includes Nutella, peanut butter, hummus).
  • Plenty to drink - non-fizzy please.

Am I able to drop my child off before registration if I have pre-booked?

No, we are unable to accept children before their booked time? Our staff are busy setting up for the day prior to 8:45am and therefore are not able to engage with children or to create a safe environment. We are also not insured for your children to be in our care at our holiday settings outside of listed times.

What if I am runnng late for drop off/pick up?

For safeguarding and security purposes our gates and doors are locked after registration.  Some of our sites are large and it is not feasible for staff to hang around at doors/gates waiting for latecomers as the staff need to get on with the day! We ask that you arrive at registration/pick up times.  In the event that there is an emergency and you will be late please call 0300 3030890

How can I book and find out what clubs are running?

Booking for our clubs is simple. Booking and payment can be made online. If you are new to our clubs, you will need to create a 'My Ignite' account the first time you book with us. The booking page will prompt you to create an account and, once created, you will simply need to sign in with your email address and password the next time you book. When booking is available, links will show at the top of this page for you to download more information, or you can click on BOOK A SESSION to go to our booking page.  We accept childcare vouchers via our OFSTED registration.