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Today marks the start of National Apprenticeship Week 2021 – a week-long celebration of apprenticeships that shines a light on the work done by employers and apprentices nationally.  

Each year, National Apprenticeship Week operates under a different theme. This year’s theme is ‘Build the Future’, which aims to encourage everyone to consider how apprenticeships help individuals establish the skills and knowledge required for a successful career.  

Across the country, there are thousands of fantastic examples of apprenticeships providing young people with a platform to developing their employability skills through on-the-job training and employer support.   

To mark National Apprenticeship Week, Ignite Sport UK will be publishing some success stories of current employees and share reasons why apprenticeships are key in our country’s efforts to bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic plus more. 

At Ignite Sport UK, we believe the power of apprenticeships and the achievements of those who establish life-long skills deserve to be celebrated.  

Hannah Bladen, General Manager of Ignite Sport UK, said: “This year marks the 14th annual National Apprenticeship Week – an important week that helps to showcase the impact apprenticeships have on communities, local businesses and regional economies. 

“Every week, the team at Ignite Sport UK witness first-hand the power of apprenticeships and how they can transform a young person from school leaver to a well-rounded individual ready to start their professional career.  

“By applying our blended learning approach, we are able to educate and train apprentices in a range of settings across the UK to support the provision of sport. Our apprenticeships provide full training, qualifications, mentoring, support and guidance and are available at Intermediate Level 2 and Advanced Level 3. 

“The last year has been particularly challenging for everyone, but National Apprenticeship Week can inspire hope among young people that are perhaps concerned about their futures by highlighting the thousands of apprenticeships on offer right now.” 

Apprenticeships are accessible to year 11 leavers and upwards and cover a broad range of sectors to suit any person’s career ambitions.  

They are actively supported by Government and allow young people to develop skills that are often impossible to establish in a classroom environment such as receiving recognised qualifications while earning money, gaining real work experience and developing your practical skills.  

On February 24th from 7pm, Ignite Sport UK will host a virtual open event via Zoom to provide year 11 leavers upwards and their parents or carers the opportunity to learn more about the company’s apprenticeships and the career pathways they provide.  

Hannah added: “If a sports-based apprenticeship interests you, I would strongly encourage you to join our virtual open event via Zoom to meet our friendly team
and learn more about the opportunities we can provide to you.” 

TOMORROW: From 9am, you can read Hannah Disbury’s story and how she started her apprenticeship with Ignite Sport UK after leaving her job as a nursery assistant.   

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