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This week marks Schools’ Football Week – a chance to celebrate the positive impact of the beautiful game in schools across the UK.

The initiative is led by the English Schools’ Football Association (ESFA) who are responsible for the running and development of competitions and festivals in primary and secondary schools.

Schools’ Football Week 2021 aims to provide an opportunity for children to be outside and enjoy playing sport with their friends either competitively or for pleasure.

Ignite Sport UK is proud to support the provision of school sport in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Wiltshire through quality physical education sessions and clubs.

Our in-school services are delivered daily in approximately 80 schools by an experienced and qualified team of coaches and apprentices.

It is our primary aim to inspire people to reach their full potential through sport, activity and wellbeing. We want to create a sense of achievement for participants of all ages and backgrounds, regardless of their ability.

Hannah Bladen, General Manager at Ignite Sport UK, regularly visits primary schools in Oxfordshire to deliver fun and engaging PE lessons.

She said: “Sport has the power to change lives and we regularly see the positive impact it has on people.

“Delivered correctly, sport brings out the best in people and nurtures essential cognitive skills and essential life qualities including teamwork, problem solving and decision making.

“Schools’ Football Week is a chance to highlight the benefits of competitive and casual physical education. School sport teaches respect, reduces stress and anxiety and can develops resilience in young people.

“For older students and even teachers, sport can provide an exciting and fulfilling career pathway too.”

Aligned with our delivery of school sport and physical education programmes, Ignite Sport UK also offers professional training in sports coaching for members of staff.

This is done through Level 2 Certificate in Health Related Activities and Level 2 Certificate in PE and School Sport.

The programmes are free or charge and suitable to teachers, teaching assistants and playground supervisors wishing to develop a knowledge base and gain ideas for planning, delivering and reviewing sessions.

We also deliver an advanced Level 3 certificate in PE and School Sport.

Hannah added: “Without passionate, qualified and knowledgeable delivering, school sport is ineffective. Therefore, we facilitate the development of teachers’ sports coaching skillset too through our online adult education programmes.

“School sport is an essential part of the national curriculum. For many pupils, it is where they form their social circles and develop a lifelong passion for sport which could one day become a career.

“That is why we value school sport and its delivery so highly. Our Level 2 courses are free and delivered digitally so they can fit around your lifestyle.”

View further information about our school services.  Alternatively, you can learn more about how Ignite Sport UK can help your school by reading our downloadable brochure.

We also support the provision of football in Oxfordshire through our junior and youth football programmes. These include Oxford City FC U7s-U16s teams, our Football Development Centre, Saturday Hoops Football and Wildcats Girls Football.

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