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Apprenticeships have served young people with a pathway to employment for centuries.

But it is only recently that the true value of a paid full-time vocational qualification has been recognised by many employers. Awareness is growing that apprenticeships are available across multiple sectors – way beyond the traditional schemes in manufacturing, engineering and construction.

At Ignite Sport UK, we work with bright, bubbly, and talented people each year through our range of sports-based apprenticeship standards.

Apprenticeships help people develop valuable life skills and establish key contacts in their area of interest to boost future employability. But there are many more advantages for employers when hiring an apprentice.


Did you know, businesses that hire a new apprentice between April 1, 2021, and September 30, 2021, are eligible to receive up to £4,000 of Government incentive money?

The Government’s enhanced incentive payment scheme is different to apprenticeship levy funds, meaning you can spend the money on anything that will support your organisation’s costs. This includes uniforms, travel expenses or even supporting your apprentice’s salary.

Once your organisation and its finance details have been verified, the funds will be distributed in two equal instalments. The first payment is made 90 days into your apprentice’s employment, the second after 365 days.

Full details of the Government’s incentive payment scheme can be read here.

Increase productivity

High quality training develops skilled colleagues who can execute tasks efficiently.

Handling day-to-day requests or tasks becomes second nature to people when they have been taught in real-life scenarios. From day one, an apprentice becomes a valued member of your team who can contribute towards your business’s success.

The key to a quality apprenticeship experience does not lie within the apprenticeship period itself, it is what happens during and afterwards. The best apprenticeships will make it easy for people to reskill and change career, but also boost skill levels and enhance productivity to accommodate long-term aspirations.

Grow and develop your team

Most apprenticeships have a natural progression pathway to different levels which support further learning, development and experiences.

This visible career pathway can see apprentices quickly progress from Intermediate Level 2 to Advanced Level 3 and further.

By learning new skills for their future career, apprentices naturally develop a passion for their area of work which is beneficial to the employer and employees.

Although apprenticeships are available to everyone, most apprentices are aged 24 or younger. Young people can bring new energy to an organisation and up to date skills which bridge skills gaps in businesses.

Apprentices at Ignite Sport UK can start their pathway with a Level 2 Community Activator Coach or Customer Service Practitioner apprenticeship. Teaching Assistant, Digital Marketing and Sporting Excellence Professional options are available at Level 3.

Apprenticeships at Levels 4 and 5 are available too. An apprentice at any level can provide a sustainable investment in skills to support businesses as the economy recovers.

Invest in our future

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the economy. But the green shoots of recovery are visible, and apprenticeships can play an important role.

Apprenticeships help businesses to recruit the right people by developing the skills they require to recover and grow. Interestingly, Government research before the pandemic discovered 65% of apprentices remained in full-time employment after finishing their apprenticeship.

In February, a report from The Open University titled ‘Build the Future Apprenticeship Survey’  revealed 72% of employers are planning to take on more apprentices in the next 12 months.

Additionally, findings revealed 66% of employers who embraced apprenticeships during the pandemic said apprentices helped them recovery from the impact of COVID-19 quicker.

Hiring apprentices is a great way to give back to the economy and proves your business is helping build a future workforce. Investing in employees’ development also proves you care about their futures, which helps with staff loyalty.

Join the trend

There has never been a better time to explore the fresh opportunities apprenticeships can provide to your business.

At Ignite Sport UK, we take on the work of finding an apprentice for your setting. Compatibility between the apprentice and their new working environment is one of our highest priorities.

To ensure the best experience for organisations and their apprentices, we provide bespoke recruitment, training and ongoing support.

Take a look at the full list of the apprenticeship opportunities Ignite Sport UK provides.

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