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The London School of Economics has found apprentices in their twenties earn more than university graduates.

Researchers discovered young people who chose an apprenticeship or equivalent course can earn £1,000 to £7,000 more a year, without student debt. Research from the university’s Centre of Vocational Education Research found that at age 26, those with level 4 qualifications had higher earnings than degree holders. A level 4 qualification is equivalent to an apprenticeship, certificate of higher education or certain other vocational courses.

By the age of 26, women with level 4 qualifications earn on average £21,300 per year and men receive £30,400. In comparison, female graduates earn £20,500 and male graduates averaged £23,200.

Louise Merritt, operations director at Ignite Sport UK said: “Apprentices deliver fantastic value, not just financially but also in terms of skills, experience, job satisfaction and career development.

“This research demonstrates apprenticeships are no longer the poor relation for school leavers seeking their next step in education. Times have changed and apprenticeships provide so many excellent opportunities for people of all ages to develop fulfilling careers.”

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship offers a specialist blend of structured learning and development with a relevant paid job. It provides a job where people learn, gain experience and get paid. By the end of an apprenticeship each apprentice will have the right skills, knowledge, experience and contacts for their chosen career.

Apprenticeships are funded via contributions made by the government and your employer.

Why is apprenticeship training rewarding?

An apprenticeship is an ideal way to get ahead in a chosen career. There are no fees for the apprentice to pay and they get paid to train. At least 20% of the apprenticeship is allocated to off the job learning. The rest of the programme is spent applying knowledge and skills in the workplace. This provides valuable hands-on, practical work experience that helps people develop careers.

Apprentices benefit from access to experience mentors who guide them on their journey. Additionally, apprentices are employed as a member of staff and therefore enjoy the same right and responsibilities as their colleagues.

How to apprenticeships benefit employers?

Employers are increasingly seeing the value of hiring apprentices.

They are incentivised by the government to hire apprentices. Plus, they can develop apprentices into company culture and cultivate committed and loyal colleagues.

Apprenticeship schemes enable employers to fill skills gaps, provide development programmes and source future valuable team members from within the business.

Are there sports coach apprenticeships available?

At Ignite Sport UK we specialise in the provision of sports-based apprenticeships, encompassing on and off the pitch roles.

Our full-time apprenticeship opportunities include sports coaching, teacher assistant, digital marketer and junior content producer roles. We have partnerships with a range of schools, sports related employers, coaching companies, leisure facilities and sport clubs.

Apprenticeships are available at Intermediate Level (2) and Advanced Level (3) for individuals wishing to develop a career in an exciting industry. Our apprenticeships are suitable for 16–18-year-olds as well as 19+ learners with a strong interest in sport, leisure and teaching.

Upon successful placement, we will provide full training, qualifications, mentoring support and guidance throughout your journey. See our Sports Appreticeships page to learn more.

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