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There has never been a more important time to look after the mental and physical wellbeing of ourselves and those around us.  

Mental Health Awareness Week provides the nation with an opportunity to focus on achieving improved wellbeing.  

For over a year, social restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic have changed the way we live. It is understandable therefore that a tinge of anxiety is present in people about physically returning to work after a prolonged period working from home.  

As COVID-19 restrictions are eased, how do we combat those anxieties? And can it be done through the power of sport?  

At Ignite Sport UK, we are pleased to offer a Level 2 Certificate in Health-Related Activity Sessions in partnership with Activate Learning.  

The short course is open to adults aged 19 or older and delivered across a series of four two-hour workshops with an end assessment. Best of all, the course is free of charge to participants living in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Surrey.  

Learners who enrol on the course will develop their knowledge and confidence in participating in and delivering physical activity sessions through three units. The units cover: promoting healthy lifestyles and physical activity, planning an activity session and delivering an activity session.  

The course includes content by Natalie Davis, aka The Wellbeing Girl. Natalie is an emotional and physical health expert whose friendly and holistic approach to wellbeing can ease workers’ mental and physical health concerns.  

She said: “It is more important than ever to offer staff mental and physical support as we gradually ease out of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

“As of this month, society is starting to open up once more. Aligned with the Government’s roadmap to exit the pandemic, we must ensure people’s mental and physical wellbeing are supported.  

“The Level 2 Certificate in Health-Related Activity Sessions is a great fit for those wanting to help others in building mental resilience to tackle the new world. It’s a great launchpad to all things health-related and will enable you to lead sessions in activities to aid a healthy lifestyle.” 

This week marks Mental Health Awareness Week, an opportunity to step up the fight for mental health via change, fairness, respect and life-changing support.  

While in many examples aspects of mental health will be ever present, there are ways of reducing the strain on your overall wellbeing.  

Studies show that physical activity has a positive impact on our mood. It helps us feel more awake, calmer and more content which can reduce stress, increase self-esteem and prevent the onset of depression and anxiety.  

Natalie added: “It has been great to see so many people share their wellbeing stories on social media this week as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.  

“The more people talk, the closer we will get to making considerable change for the better. Enrolling onto our free, online, course could be the first step you make in helping to facilitate this change.  

“Having worked in the sports sector for a number of years, I understand the power sport and regular physical activity has to change lives. It’s a passion I share with Ignite Sport UK and I look forward to supporting learners on their learning journey.”  

To find out more information about our Level 2 Certificate in Health-Related Activity Sessions and how it can positively engage and impact the lives of your colleagues, visit Healthy Living Course | Ignite Sport (ignitesportuk.com).

The next course will begin on Monday, June 7, at 7pm on Zoom with weekly workshops taking place each Monday at the same time for the remainder of the month.  

The course is free to participants living in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Surrey.   

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