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National apprenticeship training provider Ignite Sport UK today encouraged employers to give people a career break via the government’s improved incentive scheme.

Employers can now receive £3,000 for new apprentices of any age who join their organisation up to 30 September 2021. Registered training provider Ignite Sport UK welcomed the news and appealed to employers to use it as an incentive to help the UK bounce back from COVID-19.

Leigh Tomlinson, Lead Tutor at Ignite Sport UK, said: “Employing an apprentice can future proof and benefit an organisation in many ways. It is a cost-effective staffing solution, increases productivity and develops a highly motivated workforce.

“We see first-hand how much apprenticeship schemes benefit people and companies. They are a highly valued way of helping people develop careers and provide companies with staff who are motivated and trained in-house.

“New apprenticeship standards have been developed across many sectors with the focus on developing knowledge, skills and behaviours within a particular field.”

In 1993, UK apprenticeships underwent two major reforms which transformed how they are provided to Year 11 leavers upwards and the opportunities they generate. Today, apprenticeships are available across a range of sectors from marketing to the arts, engineering and education.

Using the Government’s Apprenticeship Service, SMEs and non-levy employers can employ up to 10 fully funded apprentices. Ignite Sport UK works closely with employers to assist with recruitment and support apprenticeship setup and completion.

In the past year, Ignite Sport UK has employed 10 apprentices to support the provision of sport in primary schools nationally.

The company uses a blended learning approach to educate and train apprentices from Intermediate Level 2 to Advanced Level 5 in sport, coaching and teaching plus off-field roles such as digital marketing and sports journalism.

As part of any apprenticeship, a minimum of 20% of the apprentice’s working hours are dedicated to education.

“Employing an apprentice is an ideal way to play an active role in helping to reignite the economy,” added Leigh. “There is so much support available to employers who
want to start an apprenticeship scheme and need guidance along the way.

“The additional government funding to help employers provide apprenticeship opportunities is welcomed. We are ready to help employers across the UK that are seeking to take advantage of the additional funding available to recruit apprentices in sports related roles.

“This includes sports club, school, community organisation and charity settings to train and develop new and existing staff.”

Research has found 86% of employers said apprenticeships helped hem develop skills relevant to their organisation. While 78% of employers said apprenticeships helped them improve productivity.

Based in Oxford Ignite Sport UK is a registered training provider specialising in the provision of sports-based apprenticeships across the UK.

Please see further information on how Ignite Sport UK can take on the work of finding an apprentice for your setting.

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